East meets West cuisine Recap

On one end of the street there was potsticker making, while on the other end is Make Your Own Pizza.  But we did more than just making our own pizza creations, we also had food for the brain and soul, and more food (desserts).  A well balanced night…

We started off with making the pizza

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Then we baked them, and got ready to eat.  Was it food taste testing time? Or was someone sneaking into the kitchen, and getting caught red handed?


After all the good food, we had a time to feed the soul with Bible Study.


Then we have some game time.

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Even a birthday surprise… and we finished out the night with ice cream dessert.

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Potstickers Making Night Recap

We were making potstickers(饺子), and just hanging out for some fun.  Those homemade potstickers sure look delicious.  Let’s start making/wrapping…


Some people surely were creative, and making dumpling into… IUSM.  Food was so good, even Batman came for dinner.  Were there enough dumplings for everyone?

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It sure was, look at all these satisfying faces.  All the more, ending the night with fun games.  What a way to end Friday after all the classes and studying.

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BUZZ and dessert Recap

We had quite a few events the past couple weeks.  There was the visit to the BUZZ on campus.  Soon you run out of new things to see there.


Some of us are ready to have some good fun, and with good food to go along.  What is some good fun without some competition?  We went back to Brian & Helen’s home.  First thing first, food…  Making yummy crepes…



Gotta work out those extra calories.  Competition with King Kong Shower, no, it’s not King Kong taking a shower in Brian and Helen’s living room.  What’s your special move?  Look for the video to see how much fun it was…


IUSM Welcome Night Recap

Last Thursday was the IUSM Welcome Night, and we welcome many new students onto the Davis campus.  We got to meet many new friends.  The night was full of activities, meeting new friends, engaging talks, good food, and fun games.  Wish you were here to join us for a full night!


The welcome team to greet new friends


Can’t wait for the doors to open.  Even while we waited, just having time to get to get to know each other.  SCC sure is happening!


Life is like a race, and you run, run, run!  Where are you running to?  Is that Kung Fu?  No, it’s just competition in the race of a lifetime, with obstacles however you have to get through.  Life sure is not easy.


Next we had special music, video clips of life shared by some of the IUSM students, and an engaging talk from our guest speaker, Pastor William, from Luke 12, on the Rich Fool.  What is the one thing this rich fool forgot to account for in his plan in life? and can lead him to a place he never thought of, and never wanted to be in?  Thought provoking.


After all the deep thoughts about life, maybe for the first time, we sure got hungry all of a sudden.  Look at these delicious food, even with vegetables(salad) for a complete meal.  Seconds anyone?


A photo booth with pictures?  Sure help to have some meaningful conversations about what goals in life you are looking for…


Time to end the night with some fun games.  Everyone is having fun, and enjoying themselves!  Hope you can join us on our next events!

BBQ and Games Night

What is there to do before the school starts in Davis.  Well not much, with many of the stores closed early in the city.  We had the Chill and Grill.


21430834458_bf8e843752_k  21627579281_9bf3b485d2_k

This is not the traditional BBQ burgers and hotdogs, with grilled onions, tomatoes, ketchup, mustard, etc.  Add some potato salad and chips on the side.  We had a fun evening of BBQ Burgers and Hotdogs, Asian style!  What is that on the burger?  KimChi?  Not just Kimchi, Sriracha, and others…

Dim Sum Recap

What’s missing from beginning of the school year, without some good Chinese Dim Sum in Sacramento.  There are sure some yummy food, and good varieties that we tasted.  Just looking at the picture makes me hungry for more again!


dim sum food

This was just the beginning.  We sure missed good Chinese food in Davis.  Petition for a quality Chinese Dim Sum restaurant anyone?

Some of us went to visit Old Sac to visit some old sites:


Looks at the wide varieties of candies!


Visiting the Railroad Museum, of trains from long ago…


Walking along the river in Old Sac.  Anyone spot some seals?

IUSM Spring Retreat Recap

Our first ever IUSM Spring Retreat was a packed weekend filled with thought provoking messages on the Bible, and also fun time hanging out with each other.

We started off by welcoming everyone back from spring break, and we heard a very eye-opening message from our retreat speaker Pastor Will. He talked about a life of getting straight A’s in school, at our job, in marriage, and different areas of life. But is that kind of life satisfying? Is that kind of life fulfilling? Can we bring all our riches here into the grave with us? Can we escape death?  He challenged us to be rich toward God and seek God, and that is the wise way to live.

In the subsequent messages, Pastor Will continued to point out the truth of how we all live in a broken world where things are not how it is suppose to be like. The world is broken is because we rejected our relationship with God, and since that point our relationship with God is broken, our relationship with each other is broken, and we all will face death. But the story doesn’t end there.  The is a good news is that God sent his Son to restore our relationship with Him and now we are able to have a relationship with God when we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior!!  What a great news that the creator of universe wants to have a relationship with us!!!

ok, let me also share with you some pictures of other fun and awesome things that we did as well.

Here is a picture of us hearing a bible study from Pastor Will, and laughing at his funny jokes!


WHO can PICK up that cup on one leg?!


Thank you food team for all the delicious food!


Interesting picture that we took along the trail that we hiked.


haha, album cover picture, everyone looks at different place


Our singers leading us on camp fire songs!


Picture of everyone 🙂 Thank you Pastor Will for all those messages!


Join us next time! 🙂

Monterey trip recap

Not too long ago IUSM went to Monterey to enjoy the beautiful nature! On, that trip we got to see the “crown jewel” of Monterey, Point Lobos. We didn’t know that rocks and water could look that magnificent! Words cannot do justice, so let me share some pictures that we took at Point Lobos. 🙂


Another group shot, but this time next to some scary looking tree 🙂
Walking on the trails

Afterwards we also went to the world famous “17 mile drive”. There we saw the famous Lone Cypress. 

Haha, seems like the guys were trying to be the cypress! 

We also spent some time playing frisbee, throwing football on Fanshell outlook, and exploring the amazing rocks and the sea creatures that were in them.

Woo, What did Jarold find?!

Wow, that was a packed day of hanging out with each other and also feeding our eyes and mind with the gorgeous nature that God created! But we were all hungry at the end of day, and we got to feed our stomachs too! We knew exactly where to go, so we went to Santa Clara to get some DELECIOUS KOREAN FOOD!!!!!

Here is a picture of the guys eating nicely decorated shaved ice! Look at the smile that is on their faces, Mmmmmmmmm….you can tell how good the food was, and how happy they were that they could dip their spoons into that shave ice! haha 🙂

Don’t you wish you were there?!! It won’t be the last time we go there or take other trip to other beautiful place just like Monterey! Come join us next time!!!!!! 🙂