East meets West cuisine Recap

On one end of the street there was potsticker making, while on the other end is Make Your Own Pizza.  But we did more than just making our own pizza creations, we also had food for the brain and soul, and more food (desserts).  A well balanced night…

We started off with making the pizza

21736975700_c2ba24ac40_k21736978370_2e0bf5be2b_k21303943493_a1276b488e_k    21934795361_1239f70405_k21736989610_4ce38f958d_k21898904496_e135ccbf30_k21913031952_08235837d1_k21738194529_f1484e77e4_k21898891676_fffe3f4e95_k

Then we baked them, and got ready to eat.  Was it food taste testing time? Or was someone sneaking into the kitchen, and getting caught red handed?


After all the good food, we had a time to feed the soul with Bible Study.


Then we have some game time.

21738188509_ae5639c0d7_k21925035765_915c7c4c68_k21303941233_5741134a5d_k21925071035_e043868037_k 21934775781_72c8f053c3_k

Even a birthday surprise… and we finished out the night with ice cream dessert.

21913037272_fd35207034_k21898901756_4f677875b1_k     21738171319_7f40a670f3_k

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