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Life Groups

Imagine a place where you’ll find other international students you can build relationships with, and learn about God’s purpose for us in a small group setting. At IUSM, everyone has the opportunity to plug into a Life Group. You can think of Life Group as that home-away-from-home, where you can be yourself, meet with your friends, celebrate joys together, strengthen each other during difficult times, and get recharged by God’s word…and maybe some boba, too.

Course 101

Course 101, a free six-week course developed by Gracepoint Ministries, gives an intellectual basis for answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the Christian faith and addresses misconceptions about God, Jesus and the Bible. Both those who have experience with Christianity and those just beginning to consider it will have the chance to explore how Christianity addresses questions about the meaning of life, our purpose and the longings of our hearts.

English Conversation Group

One resource IUSM enjoys providing our members is to give an opportunity for people to practice their English. Therefore, we form conversation groups so that people can develop closer friendships through conversing in English. We really enjoy these times of bonding and creating friends for life. Please contact us if you are interested in such a group. All international graduate students and scholars are welcome.

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