IUSM Spring Retreat Recap

Our first ever IUSM Spring Retreat was a packed weekend filled with thought provoking messages on the Bible, and also fun time hanging out with each other.

We started off by welcoming everyone back from spring break, and we heard a very eye-opening message from our retreat speaker Pastor Will. He talked about a life of getting straight A’s in school, at our job, in marriage, and different areas of life. But is that kind of life satisfying? Is that kind of life fulfilling? Can we bring all our riches here into the grave with us? Can we escape death?  He challenged us to be rich toward God and seek God, and that is the wise way to live.

In the subsequent messages, Pastor Will continued to point out the truth of how we all live in a broken world where things are not how it is suppose to be like. The world is broken is because we rejected our relationship with God, and since that point our relationship with God is broken, our relationship with each other is broken, and we all will face death. But the story doesn’t end there.  The is a good news is that God sent his Son to restore our relationship with Him and now we are able to have a relationship with God when we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior!!  What a great news that the creator of universe wants to have a relationship with us!!!

ok, let me also share with you some pictures of other fun and awesome things that we did as well.

Here is a picture of us hearing a bible study from Pastor Will, and laughing at his funny jokes!


WHO can PICK up that cup on one leg?!


Thank you food team for all the delicious food!


Interesting picture that we took along the trail that we hiked.


haha, album cover picture, everyone looks at different place


Our singers leading us on camp fire songs!


Picture of everyone 🙂 Thank you Pastor Will for all those messages!


Join us next time! 🙂

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