Monterey trip recap

Not too long ago IUSM went to Monterey to enjoy the beautiful nature! On, that trip we got to see the “crown jewel” of Monterey, Point Lobos. We didn’t know that rocks and water could look that magnificent! Words cannot do justice, so let me share some pictures that we took at Point Lobos. 🙂


Another group shot, but this time next to some scary looking tree 🙂
Walking on the trails

Afterwards we also went to the world famous “17 mile drive”. There we saw the famous Lone Cypress. 

Haha, seems like the guys were trying to be the cypress! 

We also spent some time playing frisbee, throwing football on Fanshell outlook, and exploring the amazing rocks and the sea creatures that were in them.

Woo, What did Jarold find?!

Wow, that was a packed day of hanging out with each other and also feeding our eyes and mind with the gorgeous nature that God created! But we were all hungry at the end of day, and we got to feed our stomachs too! We knew exactly where to go, so we went to Santa Clara to get some DELECIOUS KOREAN FOOD!!!!!

Here is a picture of the guys eating nicely decorated shaved ice! Look at the smile that is on their faces, Mmmmmmmmm….you can tell how good the food was, and how happy they were that they could dip their spoons into that shave ice! haha 🙂

Don’t you wish you were there?!! It won’t be the last time we go there or take other trip to other beautiful place just like Monterey! Come join us next time!!!!!! 🙂

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