IUSM Special Talk: Case for the Resurrection

What: Case for the Resurrection
When: Saturday, March 5, 2016, 7pm
Where: Student Community Center MPR

IUSM will explore and talk about: Did Jesus really came back to life on Easter Sunday?  What are the evidence that can give a credible argument for the resurrection of Jesus?  This is crucial in the belief of Christianity.

The night not only will be thought provoking, we will also start with a good delicious dinner, Games, & Fun!

Well we hope you can come and join us this Saturday as we talk about this topic.

IUSM Winter Welcome Night : Refresh Recap

We had a great time, and being “Refresh” for the beginning of the new quarter.  We started off with a delicious meal, Korean BBQ, and delicious salad, and home cook rice.  Then we heard from two Berkeley PhD students of their experience, and how they have a fresh outlook in life after they investigated and ponder about the meaning of life.


Of course, you know we will have some fun and games after hearing all the serious things of life.  Why are they leaning, Leaning Tower of Pisa?

24212575862_d7bd519a45_k23691968233_b56c491c2c_k  24210583432_0a2254ebe7_k24292631836_464e6192f9_k  24210584462_f840012439_k  24210576942_dc757f1b7e_k24292627826_9318373b38_k

Why were their eyes covered?  Are those for sword fighting?  Glad the swords are foams, and the bystanders dodge out of the way.  We even had times of playing foosball.

23690579804_d1579393e9_k IMG_0098    IMG_9998IMG_0193

Come join us next time!

IUSM Winter Welcome Night : Refresh (1/9/2016)

Time sure goes by quick.  Now is the beginning of another new quarter.  Welcome back to all of you, especially if you had a chance to travel, both domestically or out of the country.  Hope all of you are recovered, or recovering, from all of the stress last quarter.

We will have the IUSM Winter Welcome Night this coming Saturday, called “Refresh.”  We will have special talk/subject on this topic of refresh, a delicious Korean BBQ meal, skit, and games.  Come join us!

We will have rides 6:30pm at ARC.  Please see below for additional information.  Bring a friend or two, who want to start the quarter “Refresh” also.

iusm_special talk_winter 2016 email.jpg

Recap: 2015 Thanksgiving Celebration

We started the afternoon with songs, engaging message, and special song and touching sharing from the students.  At the end, we put our tags on this display, showing how all our stories fit into God’s story.

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While the turkey and food is being setup, there was a time of games while people waited.


Look at all these delicious turkeys, 28 in all.  Some group had different recipes.  I heard the deep fried turkey is the most tender.  It’s impossible to eat a portion from each turkey.  Still we all had our fill from the turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, candied yam, …  Too much good food to list.


Each group put on song and performances.  IUSM put on a performance from the movie Inside Out!  Brian sure look familiar.  Did they used his picture for Anger in the movie?  Are you sure they only had practice for one day?  There are some natural talents for these roles.

23260727925_d2a26444bf_k22892776709_b7c6120d62_k22632301004_41fb005cb8_k22633594633_52f57be73f_k   22633605883_9d71c054c3_k

Even some dancing as part of the performance by our IUSM members.

22632300804_2d94c42381_k23260714035_06d01e0e10_k 22866587177_2e950cee9e_k

Which 3 characters are they playing here?  Disgust, Joy, Sadness.  Can you guess which one is which?  If you are still not sure, you can ask them the next time you see them.


Recap: IUSM Special Talk – How Can I Believe in a God I Cannot See?

Our Alumni, Dr. Ng(he wants everyone to call him Kit) received his PhD from Davis Chemistry Department.  We asked him to come and talk about this topic, and he came back … home … to lend a hand.

At the beginning, while everyone is settling down.  Here we look our views of God: vending machine, good vs bad deeds, aloof, relationship?  Put a marble in the jar in front of the picture…

22572479144_2fabf1700c_k 22806768497_dd34172c47_k23200958825_af97d66120_k22573829943_9564dc4b9b_k

Dr. Ng talked about 3 different ways how we form our worldviews of daily experiences.  And how those 3 ways can help us come to form our view of God we can relate to…  There was some good discussion around the table.  Then there was the good desserts.


We ended the night with game of Blind Turkey.  One person draw one part of the turkey, and people in each team take turn until they draw the whole turkey.  We have some good artistic talents, and some turkey picture(s) looks so good and proportional…

22806780357_224f8a5b2c_k22806795207_7a2b66ef7e_k23200936365_f5516cd15e_k 22832994689_60b94ed51e_k22832977129_f8e706d141_k22573858073_1fafb6bf3b_k  22806773277_b4baf332f3_k    22832989329_535e7db03a_k   22905138400_5f4bccf022_k



IUSM Special Talk: Does God Exist?

What: Does God Exist? Reasons For God
When: Friday, November 20, 2015, 7pm
Where: Student Community Center MPR

IUSM will explore and talk about: is there a god beyond our understanding?  What would such a god be like?  Is there really a god out there, and are there any clues such a god would leave behind for us to look for those clues?

Well we hope you can come and join us this Friday as we talk about this topic.

IUSM Presents: Special Talk on Science and Faith!

IUSM Special Talk: Science and Faith || Friday, 10/23/2015 @ 7:00 pm || SCC MPR
Come join us at the Student Community Center MPR for free dinner, or engaging talk, or awesome games afterwards.  All these starts on this Friday, 10/23/15, 7:00pm


For directions, please see below:


Din HG TFN and Games and Dessert Recap

We had a great time with Studying the Bible.  After that, it’s time to try out some new events.  Eric, what should we do?  “Hmm, not sure…”

Jin, “let me tell you what we have in store for tonight!”…

What is this, ping pong? You can’t fool me, this is not the way to play ping pong. The Din style ping pong sure looks fun. Everyone enjoyed it!


Where were you?  Come join the fun!


There were more?…


That’s all the new games right?  Wait, what are those balloons for?  Trying to stump and breaking it with your foot?  Eric, watch out for your own balloon(螳螂捕蝉,黄雀在后)! Next playing marbles with spoons?  That is interesting. Even rolling quarters on the floor in a game of puck on table.  There were sure a good variety of games.


Let’s all take a break, and enjoy some of these delicious desserts for the night!


East meets West cuisine Recap

On one end of the street there was potsticker making, while on the other end is Make Your Own Pizza.  But we did more than just making our own pizza creations, we also had food for the brain and soul, and more food (desserts).  A well balanced night…

We started off with making the pizza

21736975700_c2ba24ac40_k21736978370_2e0bf5be2b_k21303943493_a1276b488e_k    21934795361_1239f70405_k21736989610_4ce38f958d_k21898904496_e135ccbf30_k21913031952_08235837d1_k21738194529_f1484e77e4_k21898891676_fffe3f4e95_k

Then we baked them, and got ready to eat.  Was it food taste testing time? Or was someone sneaking into the kitchen, and getting caught red handed?


After all the good food, we had a time to feed the soul with Bible Study.


Then we have some game time.

21738188509_ae5639c0d7_k21925035765_915c7c4c68_k21303941233_5741134a5d_k21925071035_e043868037_k 21934775781_72c8f053c3_k

Even a birthday surprise… and we finished out the night with ice cream dessert.

21913037272_fd35207034_k21898901756_4f677875b1_k     21738171319_7f40a670f3_k