IUSM Welcome Night Recap

Last Thursday was the IUSM Welcome Night, and we welcome many new students onto the Davis campus.  We got to meet many new friends.  The night was full of activities, meeting new friends, engaging talks, good food, and fun games.  Wish you were here to join us for a full night!


The welcome team to greet new friends


Can’t wait for the doors to open.  Even while we waited, just having time to get to get to know each other.  SCC sure is happening!


Life is like a race, and you run, run, run!  Where are you running to?  Is that Kung Fu?  No, it’s just competition in the race of a lifetime, with obstacles however you have to get through.  Life sure is not easy.


Next we had special music, video clips of life shared by some of the IUSM students, and an engaging talk from our guest speaker, Pastor William, from Luke 12, on the Rich Fool.  What is the one thing this rich fool forgot to account for in his plan in life? and can lead him to a place he never thought of, and never wanted to be in?  Thought provoking.


After all the deep thoughts about life, maybe for the first time, we sure got hungry all of a sudden.  Look at these delicious food, even with vegetables(salad) for a complete meal.  Seconds anyone?


A photo booth with pictures?  Sure help to have some meaningful conversations about what goals in life you are looking for…


Time to end the night with some fun games.  Everyone is having fun, and enjoying themselves!  Hope you can join us on our next events!

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