Potstickers Making Night Recap

We were making potstickers(饺子), and just hanging out for some fun.  Those homemade potstickers sure look delicious.  Let’s start making/wrapping…


Some people surely were creative, and making dumpling into… IUSM.  Food was so good, even Batman came for dinner.  Were there enough dumplings for everyone?

21733826168_9f2c6398c5_k 21298913644_2ca2666856_k  21895514926_4c9298b669_k21895476796_0a70f2a6b1_k

It sure was, look at all these satisfying faces.  All the more, ending the night with fun games.  What a way to end Friday after all the classes and studying.

21298880064_71b260a3f0_k  21909599032_a32f0686dd_k21895436346_759927a361_k

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