Din HG TFN and Games and Dessert Recap

We had a great time with Studying the Bible.  After that, it’s time to try out some new events.  Eric, what should we do?  “Hmm, not sure…”

Jin, “let me tell you what we have in store for tonight!”…

What is this, ping pong? You can’t fool me, this is not the way to play ping pong. The Din style ping pong sure looks fun. Everyone enjoyed it!


Where were you?  Come join the fun!


There were more?…


That’s all the new games right?  Wait, what are those balloons for?  Trying to stump and breaking it with your foot?  Eric, watch out for your own balloon(螳螂捕蝉,黄雀在后)! Next playing marbles with spoons?  That is interesting. Even rolling quarters on the floor in a game of puck on table.  There were sure a good variety of games.


Let’s all take a break, and enjoy some of these delicious desserts for the night!


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