Run for Missions

Hi, we will have our annual Run for Missions on 5/14/16.  If you are interested in joining, please contact us for information.  This is a 5K/10K run to help raise money for summer missions.  Even if you cannot run, you can help support one of your friends, by having your friend(s) run.  And also to come cheer them on as they cross the finish line.  Hope you can join us!


IUSM Special Talk: Case for the Resurrection

What: Case for the Resurrection
When: Saturday, March 5, 2016, 7pm
Where: Student Community Center MPR

IUSM will explore and talk about: Did Jesus really came back to life on Easter Sunday?  What are the evidence that can give a credible argument for the resurrection of Jesus?  This is crucial in the belief of Christianity.

The night not only will be thought provoking, we will also start with a good delicious dinner, Games, & Fun!

Well we hope you can come and join us this Saturday as we talk about this topic.

IUSM Winter Welcome Night : Refresh (1/9/2016)

Time sure goes by quick.  Now is the beginning of another new quarter.  Welcome back to all of you, especially if you had a chance to travel, both domestically or out of the country.  Hope all of you are recovered, or recovering, from all of the stress last quarter.

We will have the IUSM Winter Welcome Night this coming Saturday, called “Refresh.”  We will have special talk/subject on this topic of refresh, a delicious Korean BBQ meal, skit, and games.  Come join us!

We will have rides 6:30pm at ARC.  Please see below for additional information.  Bring a friend or two, who want to start the quarter “Refresh” also.

iusm_special talk_winter 2016 email.jpg

HG3 Dim Sum & Sacramento Capitol recap

For the few remnant stayed behind for the Winter break, we had a quick outings ourselves.  We started off with a good dim sum(点心).  Some students tasted dim sum for the first time, 虾饺,烧卖,凤爪,新洲炒面…  It was yummy!  This inspired the girls for shopping at 99 Ranch for making some Chinese meals 🙂


Then we went to the California State Capitol for a tour, listened to live music.  Baby Joshua approved of the Golden Bear, “Rarrrr!!!” with authority!

23698088176_3428e04256_k23097103433_7bb054a132_k  23356219709_61b084d11e_k23097114353_8a68a9d6ef_k

Isn’t this a nice acoustic place to listen to live music?  There are even seats down there by the band to enjoy the performances.


We got to see the two houses/chambers where our government officials gather to debate and pass the laws of the state:

23615663932_54394e880d_k 23615679232_8fcb750de5_k

Finally we visited the tall Christmas tree with the ornament decorations outside, and enjoyed some Autumn foliage.


IUSM Special Talk: Does God Exist?

What: Does God Exist? Reasons For God
When: Friday, November 20, 2015, 7pm
Where: Student Community Center MPR

IUSM will explore and talk about: is there a god beyond our understanding?  What would such a god be like?  Is there really a god out there, and are there any clues such a god would leave behind for us to look for those clues?

Well we hope you can come and join us this Friday as we talk about this topic.

IUSM Presents: Special Talk on Science and Faith!

IUSM Special Talk: Science and Faith || Friday, 10/23/2015 @ 7:00 pm || SCC MPR
Come join us at the Student Community Center MPR for free dinner, or engaging talk, or awesome games afterwards.  All these starts on this Friday, 10/23/15, 7:00pm


For directions, please see below:


2015 Welcome Week Activities

Farmer's market_Ling_finalVISITING FARMER’S MARKET

The city of Davis is famous for its Farmer’s Market. Come check it out with us!

Wednesday 9/16, 6 PM 

Please meet in front of the SISS building. Contact Eric Miao for more information.

GameNight_ling-finalIUSM GAME NIGHT

Waiting for classes to start? Why not learn to play some new games and make new friends?

Thursday 9/17, 7 PM @ SCC

Dim Sum-0912-JennyChang-0915


Do you feel like having some 小笼包 & 烧卖 & 虾饺 ? If you can read those words, you know you want to join us!

Saturday 9/19, 11 AM to 3 PM

Please meet in front of the SISS building at 11am. Contact Eric Miao for rides and more information.

2015.09.24_IUSM_WelcomeNight_Splash PageIUSM WELCOME NIGHT

This is our biggest event of the year!  We’re going to have a free dinner, a thought provoking message, live skit, special music, and a full night of fun and games!

Thursday 9/24, 7 PM @ Student Community Center (SCC)


This past Friday, we went over the true meaning of being lost in life. John gave us a Bible Study on the Prodigal Son and through the passage we learned that one can be lost when we reject God, either to chase after our own desires or even to live a normal life by ourselves. After Bible Study we tested our cooking skills and saw what kind of night market food we can make for $10 or under (our group spend $11…). Check out the pics below! Beware you might get hungry. See you at the next Bible Study!

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