Recap: Christmas Special Talk and Gift Exchange

Can you believe it’s almost the end of 2013?  Wow, now that finals are over- everyone is looking to relax.  For IUSM and IGSM, we had a special talk on the validity of Christmas.  Our guest speaker- Dr. Kit Ng explained why there is good reason and evidence (historical and archaeological) to believe that the birth of Jesus actually happened.  It was helpful for people to see much historical evidence for this significant story.

After the special talk, we sang some famous Christmas songs like: Joy to the World, and Silent Night.  Then we started on end of year gift exchange!  No gift was safe as teams challenged each other for the chance at some wonderful gifts.

We ended the fun night with a group picture time (and some wacky props).  We hope to see you all next year in 2014!

Christmas Special Talk (Christmas tree included)
Nothing like good o’ Christmas songs
Giant candy cane jousts! They are battling for fabulous gifts!
IUSM group picture
IGSM group picture


Recap: Friday MYT (Week 4)

This past Friday was the last week of Multiply your Talents (MYT).  We watched many entertaining performances and funny videos by the various classes.  The instructors of each class got to say a few words of appreciation.  The cooking team delivered with homemade cookies and delicious parfaits.  Below are the group pictures for each class. And with Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner, there are sure to be more fun events at IUSM.  Be sure to join us next time!

Photoshop class
Photography class
Video/Filming Class
Cooking/Baking Class
Keyboard Class
Acoustic Guitar Class playing to Amazing Grace hymn

Recap: Friday MYT (Week 3)

We had week 3 of MYT this past friday (11/1). MYT has been so popular, we decided to add one more session next Friday (11/8)! Students got to practice instruments like piano and acoustic guitar. And the cooking team worked hard to prepare dozens of delicious fruit cupcakes and crepes.

Join us this Friday for the last MYT. We will be having presentations for each class. You don’t want to miss out!



Teamwork is the best ingredient


Wow, delicious cupcakes!

Recap: Saturday Dimsum and Sac Outing

It was a beautiful Saturday in Sacramento, and we had about 30 IUSM students join us for a fun-filled day.  The day began with delicious dim sum at a restaurant called Asian Pearl (順 峰 大 酒 樓).  For many of our students, this brought back fond memories of their home country.  After a group picture outside the restaurant, we stopped by the Sacramento State Aquatic Center.  Unfortunately, we were unable to ride on kayaks., but we still had a great time by the river playing with water guns, catching crayfish (小龙虾), and taking many photos.  And no trip is complete without a stop at the local milk tea shop.

Join us next time for future IUSM outings!




A group photo after dimsum in Sacramento
A group photo after dim sum in Sacramento


water gun fight! the camera person is very brave




gotcha crayfish! (we let this one go back to its home)
Ending the day with some milk tea
Ending the day with some milk tea

Recap: Friday MYT (Week 2)

Last Friday (10/25), we had week 2 of our MYT (multiply your talents) class. The cooking team got a lot of practice as they made delicious finger foods such as deviled eggs, korean pancakes, and more! Other classes include piano, guitar, photoshop, filming, and photography. Check out some of the pictures the photo team took below.

And sure to join us next Friday for the 3rd and last week of MYT. We are going to have a fun “show and tell” for each class- you don’t want to miss it!


Break time, but some people are still practicing guitar
Photoshop team: hard at work




Wow! The cooking team’s final dishes

Multiply Your Talents (MYT) Recap

This past Friday (Oct. 18) was the kick-off for IUSM’s Multiply Your Talent (MYT).  We learned useful skills such as cooking/baking, guitar, piano, photoshop, photography, and filming.  If you want to improve your skills or learn something new, we invite you to join us this Friday!


The guitar class can be serious… but also a lot of fun


The cooking class presents their chicken pasta dish (wow!)
Check out the photoshop class busy at work
After MYT, people stayed to play board/card games…while others were playing laser tag

Recap: San Francisco Outing

This past Saturday, IUSM left Davis for beautiful San Francisco and were able to drive into SF on the newly built Bay Bridge.
The day began with people  enjoying the world famous clam-chowder at Pier 39.
Delicious Clam Chowder at Pier 39
We then took some funny pictures at “Krazy Kaps”, a store full of wacky hats.  People were having a great time wearing flamingo, pharoah, witches, and cowboy hats.
Krazy Kaps store
Need to “cap” off the hat photos. 🙂
We saw the large and lazy sea lions (海狮) and then left for the Golden Gate Bridge.
What great timing as a boat passing right behind us. Toot, toot!
They get the “seal” of approval.
We were able to walk under the Golden Gate Bridge and over to the Vista Point to take some breathtaking photos.  The day was not complete without walking onto the bridge itself and taking group photos together.
The guys are looking as cool as the great weather.
It was the first time for everyone in front of the famous bridge.
Everyone is mimicking the cables on the bridge as a way to connect with it.
Join us next time for future IUSM events!