Recap: San Francisco Outing

This past Saturday, IUSM left Davis for beautiful San Francisco and were able to drive into SF on the newly built Bay Bridge.
The day began with people  enjoying the world famous clam-chowder at Pier 39.
Delicious Clam Chowder at Pier 39
We then took some funny pictures at “Krazy Kaps”, a store full of wacky hats.  People were having a great time wearing flamingo, pharoah, witches, and cowboy hats.
Krazy Kaps store
Need to “cap” off the hat photos. 🙂
We saw the large and lazy sea lions (海狮) and then left for the Golden Gate Bridge.
What great timing as a boat passing right behind us. Toot, toot!
They get the “seal” of approval.
We were able to walk under the Golden Gate Bridge and over to the Vista Point to take some breathtaking photos.  The day was not complete without walking onto the bridge itself and taking group photos together.
The guys are looking as cool as the great weather.
It was the first time for everyone in front of the famous bridge.
Everyone is mimicking the cables on the bridge as a way to connect with it.
Join us next time for future IUSM events!

2 thoughts on “Recap: San Francisco Outing

  1. It was a beautiful day in SF. First time eating the red clam chowder – the car ride, walking around, eating, taking pictures…it was a lot of fun! Looking forward to the Sac Dim Sum & Kayaking trip this Sat!!!

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