Recap: Christmas Special Talk and Gift Exchange

Can you believe it’s almost the end of 2013?  Wow, now that finals are over- everyone is looking to relax.  For IUSM and IGSM, we had a special talk on the validity of Christmas.  Our guest speaker- Dr. Kit Ng explained why there is good reason and evidence (historical and archaeological) to believe that the birth of Jesus actually happened.  It was helpful for people to see much historical evidence for this significant story.

After the special talk, we sang some famous Christmas songs like: Joy to the World, and Silent Night.  Then we started on end of year gift exchange!  No gift was safe as teams challenged each other for the chance at some wonderful gifts.

We ended the fun night with a group picture time (and some wacky props).  We hope to see you all next year in 2014!

Christmas Special Talk (Christmas tree included)
Nothing like good o’ Christmas songs
Giant candy cane jousts! They are battling for fabulous gifts!
IUSM group picture
IGSM group picture


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