Recap: Friday MYT (Week 2)

Last Friday (10/25), we had week 2 of our MYT (multiply your talents) class. The cooking team got a lot of practice as they made delicious finger foods such as deviled eggs, korean pancakes, and more! Other classes include piano, guitar, photoshop, filming, and photography. Check out some of the pictures the photo team took below.

And sure to join us next Friday for the 3rd and last week of MYT. We are going to have a fun “show and tell” for each class- you don’t want to miss it!


Break time, but some people are still practicing guitar
Photoshop team: hard at work




Wow! The cooking team’s final dishes

Multiply Your Talents (MYT) Recap

This past Friday (Oct. 18) was the kick-off for IUSM’s Multiply Your Talent (MYT).  We learned useful skills such as cooking/baking, guitar, piano, photoshop, photography, and filming.  If you want to improve your skills or learn something new, we invite you to join us this Friday!


The guitar class can be serious… but also a lot of fun


The cooking class presents their chicken pasta dish (wow!)
Check out the photoshop class busy at work
After MYT, people stayed to play board/card games…while others were playing laser tag