Sacramento Aquatic Center Kayak and Buffet

After the battle of West meets East cuisine.  Where else can you find a new battleground?  Waters…

We had a visit to the Sacramento Aquatic Center, with kayaking.  We brought some water(ized), not canonized, weapons along for the fun.  What’s a battle without some weapons.  Before getting wet, and still on friendly terms, let’s take some nice pictures together…


Once pleasantries are done, and got into the battlefield, all bets are off.  Look at the intensity, some getting serious.  Even the ladies are taking no prisoners.


Times of truce.  Everyone is leaping with joy!  Except now the photographer is the only one dry.  But spare the camera.


What’s truce without food.  Looks at all these good sushi and Asian food, and it’s all you can eat…

21896673090_a23693ee25_k22058696456_1b0d35a5ed_k 22058693826_a735c38d41_k        21462023574_048547193e_k

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