This past Friday, we went over the true meaning of being lost in life. John gave us a Bible Study on the Prodigal Son and through the passage we learned that one can be lost when we reject God, either to chase after our own desires or even to live a normal life by ourselves. After Bible Study we tested our cooking skills and saw what kind of night market food we can make for $10 or under (our group spend $11…). Check out the pics below! Beware you might get hungry. See you at the next Bible Study!

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College Winter Retreat

This past Martin Luther King Jr weekend, we went to the annual College Winter Retreat. During the retreat, we learned to “aim beyond”. Pastor Will exhorted us to reconnect with God by giving up control of our life back to our heavenly Father. And even though we had sinned against God, yet God is giving up a period of grace so that we can all have a chance to reconcile our relationship with God. This retreat was a time where we got to learn more about who God is and who we are. This retreat was also a chance for us to bond with other college students through fun games and exciting activities. Check out the pics below. See you next year at the College Winter Retreat!!


Happy New Year everyone!! Wow, 2014 is over already and it’s already the 2nd week of 2015! Time really flies. IUSM celebrated the new year with a special Bible Study. John gave a message about how to gain wisdom – by spending time on non-urgent but equally important things, like investing in relationships and learning more about God (two things that we do a lot at IUSM =). Afterwards we had a traditional new year’s dinner – dumplings! But first we had make it! It was so much fun. Afterwards, we stuck around until midnight playing fun games! Come join us next time!


This past week, we combined with Koinonia and Kairos for an All College Christmas Bible Study. We started the night with an awesome meal. Then we sang some Christmas songs. During Bible Study, Pastor Will spoke about the greatest gift of all, the birth of baby Jesus to be the Savior of the world and more importantly how we all need to personally accept and receive this great gift from God. After Bible Study, we had the mother of all gift exchange, where there was hilarity, craziness, lots of gifts to choose from, and a lot of dancing. See you next week. Otherwise, see you next year!!


Thanksgiving Celebration RECAP

Hi everyone. This past Sunday we had our annual Thanksgiving Celebration. It was such a great day of being thankful for the many blessings in life, eating a yummy turkey dinner, and a lot of laughing. Check out the pics below (more to come).

Also here is our trailer for Thanksgiving Celebration


We had a really great night during Halloween. The food was “ribby” delicious! Then Pastor Will gave us a message about how the original sin was a trick that was caused by the Devil himself! He then gave us tips on how to fight against Satan’s tricks so that we can stay away from temptation. Afterwards we had a long night of tricks (most agile/stoic/determined/etc) and treats (desserts). Did I mention there was even a mini carnival – photo booths, dodgeball, laser tag, pumpkin carving, basketball, and the list goes on. Hope to see you at our next event!