Corn Maze and dinner recap

While some of our friends join the battle on the waters to the east of Davis, we went for some adventure on the west of Davis.  We went to the Corn Maze in Dixon.  This corn maze set the world record in the 2014 Guinness Book World Record.  It sure is large.  Don’t get lost, just look at the map.  Look at that big map in the picture.  Before we start, let’s map the course and don’t get lost.  Who’s good with directions here?

2015-10-10 17.16.0521917167288_a82a1f961f_k2015-10-11 09.17.5321462678323_2e9179400c_k22071323762_31bf52f517_k

While we wait to get the tickets, let’s explore the front entrance area, and picture time.


Let the adventure begin… enter the maze.

2015-10-10 17.55.0521460970694_3494fd326f_k

Let’s take a break to enjoy the beauty of the sunset.  We are not lost right?  Because from the top of the platform, we saw different dead end from the carved out paths.  We sure don’t want to end up in there.

2015-10-10 18.00.40 2015-10-10 18.01.13 2015-10-10 18.18.28 21917155958_2c05420906_k21462673623_9a03a242ef_k2015-10-10 18.19.26 2015-10-10 18.23.442015-10-10 18.21.45

Anyone brought a flashlight?  Whew, glad that we didn’t get lost.  We got out before the sun went down.

2015-10-10 18.30.18 2015-10-10 18.33.39

All these walking sure make us hungry.  The food sure look yummy.

2015-10-10 19.21.132015-10-10 19.21.132015-10-10 19.14.0122057631076_c52839a505_k2015-10-10 19.26.04

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