Chen HG Miniature Golf

Let’s try something new.  How about some miniature golf?  Sure, let’s go…

There are sure a lot of colorful lights on the miniature golf course.  The smaller size course can make anyone be a pro golfer.  Come and try yourself!

22105752558_92b5f59c1a_k 22105889738_7c0981b8da_h  22267578086_1a0668f4fd_h22267451526_473a728765_k22105437320_10bc0776a1_k

The food sure is good with some hot soup(Pho).  The soup is hot enough to cook even the veggies and the beef.  Everyone totally enjoy the dish in front of them.  It a complete course meal with noodle, meat, vegetables.  Bon appetit!


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