Recap: Thanksgiving Service & Celebration

We had a wonderful time at the special Thanksgiving service at Gracepoint Davis Church this past Sunday.

Many sharings from our Gracepoint Church members (around the world) with expressions of praise to God.
The orchestra playing beautiful music.

We started off with off a very inspiring video and heard testimony sharing from Gracepoint members, and then Pastor Will gave a very powerful message reminding us our indebtedness to people and to God as none of us got here on our own. We are where we are because of God and others’ involvement.

The praise band playing uplifting songs.
Pastor Will delivers a message on Thanksgiving.

Afterwards we had a very challenging message, we feasted! There were so much delicious food (turkey, corn, ham, mash potatoes with gravy, and RICE!) and the desert mmmmm…the delicious pumpkin pie with whip cream…yes, the food was awesome!

The winning turkey!
Lots of traditional Thanksgiving food!

But that was not it, IUSM along with other groups at Gracepoint Church put on various dance performances and skits, and people had really really really fun time dancing together and laughing. Man, that was alot fun celebrating thanksgiving together! Hey, if you miss it this year, too bad. But NEXT year, put it on your calendar and JOIN US!!!!

The freshmen sang to “God’s Great Dance Floor” with a real disco ball.
Here’s our IGSM & IUSM skit. Mark played Albert in the skit, but sometimes he forgot who he was.
We’re worth more than gold… because of God.
How Great is Our God. Not only in Chinese, but one day in all the languages of the world.
Sophomores: Don’t be an ungrateful Kaiju!
Upperclassmen: There’s much to be thankful for.
Praxis: It’s not a dream, it’s the abundant “Praxis” life.

IGSM & IUSM Group Picture – Happy Thanksgiving!


Enjoy many more photos from our Thanksgiving Celebration here.

Please write a comment here about your most favorite moment!

5 thoughts on “Recap: Thanksgiving Service & Celebration

  1. Wow, that was a wonderful time! Powerful message, good turkey dinner, and funny dances and skits. I hope everyone had a great time and realize we have a lot to be grateful for.

  2. It was so fun practicing together – everyone did such a great job and learned so fast after 1-2 practices! Thanksgiving Service is always an important reminder that Thanksgiving season isn’t about a Turkey Day or Black Friday shopping, but giving thanks to God and people in my life. The celebration part – I haven’t laughed like that for so long!!! Looking forward to next year when our IGSM & IUSM group and fill up the entire stage!

  3. Food, Fun, and Fellowship! What a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving. I probably laughed the most during the Praxis skit. But I think the most special part was singing How Great is Our God in different languages, looking forward to being able to add more friends and more languages of the world!

  4. Definitely one of my favorite time of the year! God, food and dancing!! X] Everybody worked really hard and I’m really thankful to God that we got to do this together. The most memorable part for me was also seeing everyone on stage singing “How Great is Our God”! Truly He is Great! Worthy of our worship and praise!

  5. It was so much fun working hard to do something together–our practicing really paid off! I’m thankful this year for all the new friends we met in IGSM/IUSM!

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