Fri., Oct. 18: Multiply Your Talents

Have you ever wanted to learn a new skill, but not sure how to get started? Join us for a fun 3-week class to learn a variety of skills such as guitar, cooking or photography (Fridays on 10/18, 10/25, 11/1). We will meet at our church building (607 Pena Dr.) at 8:30pm, but join us for dinners by small groups beforehand.

*We will collect $10 for the class, which includes delicious snacks from our cooking/baking class. Rides will be provided, but please SIGN UP HERE today!


Wed., Oct. 16: Science & Christianity Special Talk

This Wednesday we will be having a special talk on the topic of Science & Christianity.  Are science and faith compatible? What about evolution and the Big Bang? Come hear a special talk on Science & Christianity and we tackle these important questions in our search to reconcile issues of faith, reason, science and God.  We will begin at 7pm with a free dinner, and our location is 1007 Giedt Hall by the Engineering buildings.

Science and Christianity Splash

Wednesday Bible Study Recap: Genesis 1

Yesterday was our first Wednesday Bible Study of the Fall quarter.  We started with a delicious mapo tofu dinner and then had a short icebreaker as we got to know each other better.

Then we had a Bible Study on Genesis 1, learning about how we should approach studying the Bible.  Instead of just asking How the world was made, we needed to ask the more important question of Who made everything and Why.

The two main points through Genesis 1 were: 1) Main character is God 2) God is the Creator

We ended our time watching a moving video of God’s creation to the song, God of Wonders. Click on the video to watch.

God of Wonders video

Hope you can join us next week.

Recap: International Student Welcome Night

The much anticipated International Student Welcome Night finally happened on September 20!  We had a packed house at SCC Multipurpose Room and we almost ran out of food!  After a delicious dinner, we started off the night with a UC Davis trivia game.

Our game host Brian was explaining the game and also the grand prize of some yummy chocolate.
The competition was fierce!
After the excitement, we settled down to watch a funny but thought provoking skit called “Race of a Lifetime”


Our invited speaker, John, gave a short talk on creating and valuing meaningful encounters while we are in college. He recounted his own meaningful encounters that led him to understand Christianity. The audience was attentive throughout the time.


We had a lot of meaningful discussions afterwards as we made new connections with those who came.


We hope to see the many new friends we met that night to come back in the future, and may remember this night as one of the meaningful encounters in their lives!