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Friday Night Bible Study 
|| Every Friday @ 7:00 pm || Brian and Helen’s home
Come join us for dinner, a time to study the bible, and post-fellowship fun afterwards. For pickups, meet in front of the ARC at 6:30pm and please contact Brian.

Sunday Worship Service
 || Every Sunday 3:30PM
Please join us for Sunday worship service.  Please contact Brian for more information.  Rides for students on campus, please meet in front of the ARC at 3:00pm.

Course 101 (for Christians and non-Christians)
Have questions about God? Have questions about life? Or want to strengthen your Christian faith? Sign up for Course 101 and find answers to all your questions.

IUSM Welcome Night Recap

Last Thursday was the IUSM Welcome Night, and we welcome many new students onto the Davis campus.  We got to meet many new friends.  The night was full of activities, meeting new friends, engaging talks, good food, and fun games.  Wish you were here to join us for a full night!


The welcome team to greet new friends


Can’t wait for the doors to open.  Even while we waited, just having time to get to get to know each other.  SCC sure is happening!


Life is like a race, and you run, run, run!  Where are you running to?  Is that Kung Fu?  No, it’s just competition in the race of a lifetime, with obstacles however you have to get through.  Life sure is not easy.


Next we had special music, video clips of life shared by some of the IUSM students, and an engaging talk from our guest speaker, Pastor William, from Luke 12, on the Rich Fool.  What is the one thing this rich fool forgot to account for in his plan in life? and can lead him to a place he never thought of, and never wanted to be in?  Thought provoking.


After all the deep thoughts about life, maybe for the first time, we sure got hungry all of a sudden.  Look at these delicious food, even with vegetables(salad) for a complete meal.  Seconds anyone?


A photo booth with pictures?  Sure help to have some meaningful conversations about what goals in life you are looking for…


Time to end the night with some fun games.  Everyone is having fun, and enjoying themselves!  Hope you can join us on our next events!

BBQ and Games Night

What is there to do before the school starts in Davis.  Well not much, with many of the stores closed early in the city.  We had the Chill and Grill.


21430834458_bf8e843752_k  21627579281_9bf3b485d2_k

This is not the traditional BBQ burgers and hotdogs, with grilled onions, tomatoes, ketchup, mustard, etc.  Add some potato salad and chips on the side.  We had a fun evening of BBQ Burgers and Hotdogs, Asian style!  What is that on the burger?  KimChi?  Not just Kimchi, Sriracha, and others…

Dim Sum Recap

What’s missing from beginning of the school year, without some good Chinese Dim Sum in Sacramento.  There are sure some yummy food, and good varieties that we tasted.  Just looking at the picture makes me hungry for more again!


dim sum food

This was just the beginning.  We sure missed good Chinese food in Davis.  Petition for a quality Chinese Dim Sum restaurant anyone?

Some of us went to visit Old Sac to visit some old sites:


Looks at the wide varieties of candies!


Visiting the Railroad Museum, of trains from long ago…


Walking along the river in Old Sac.  Anyone spot some seals?

Game Night Recap

We got together with some of our new friends, and enjoy a great time at the IUSM Game Night, at SCC MPR.  Some friends were creative and artistic.  Here are some fun pictures from the night.



Playing Jenga


Some wanted more challenge, Asian style!


2015 Welcome Week Activities

Farmer's market_Ling_finalVISITING FARMER’S MARKET

The city of Davis is famous for its Farmer’s Market. Come check it out with us!

Wednesday 9/16, 6 PM 

Please meet in front of the SISS building. Contact Eric Miao for more information.

GameNight_ling-finalIUSM GAME NIGHT

Waiting for classes to start? Why not learn to play some new games and make new friends?

Thursday 9/17, 7 PM @ SCC

Dim Sum-0912-JennyChang-0915


Do you feel like having some 小笼包 & 烧卖 & 虾饺 ? If you can read those words, you know you want to join us!

Saturday 9/19, 11 AM to 3 PM

Please meet in front of the SISS building at 11am. Contact Eric Miao for rides and more information.

2015.09.24_IUSM_WelcomeNight_Splash PageIUSM WELCOME NIGHT

This is our biggest event of the year!  We’re going to have a free dinner, a thought provoking message, live skit, special music, and a full night of fun and games!

Thursday 9/24, 7 PM @ Student Community Center (SCC)



This past Friday, we went over the true meaning of being lost in life. John gave us a Bible Study on the Prodigal Son and through the passage we learned that one can be lost when we reject God, either to chase after our own desires or even to live a normal life by ourselves. After Bible Study we tested our cooking skills and saw what kind of night market food we can make for $10 or under (our group spend $11…). Check out the pics below! Beware you might get hungry. See you at the next Bible Study!

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College Winter Retreat

This past Martin Luther King Jr weekend, we went to the annual College Winter Retreat. During the retreat, we learned to “aim beyond”. Pastor Will exhorted us to reconnect with God by giving up control of our life back to our heavenly Father. And even though we had sinned against God, yet God is giving up a period of grace so that we can all have a chance to reconcile our relationship with God. This retreat was a time where we got to learn more about who God is and who we are. This retreat was also a chance for us to bond with other college students through fun games and exciting activities. Check out the pics below. See you next year at the College Winter Retreat!!


Happy New Year everyone!! Wow, 2014 is over already and it’s already the 2nd week of 2015! Time really flies. IUSM celebrated the new year with a special Bible Study. John gave a message about how to gain wisdom – by spending time on non-urgent but equally important things, like investing in relationships and learning more about God (two things that we do a lot at IUSM =). Afterwards we had a traditional new year’s dinner – dumplings! But first we had make it! It was so much fun. Afterwards, we stuck around until midnight playing fun games! Come join us next time!