Christmas Bible Study // 607 (pickups at ARC) // 7pm, Friday (12/19)
Hope you made it past your finals! Come join us as we continue our Christmas Bible Study, this time with a yummy potluck! Hope to see you there. And for those who have gone home already, we hope to see you in the new year!

WING_2014 College Snow Trip_1College Snow Trip // Lake Tahoe (pickups at ARC) // Saturday, 12/20
Finals are over! But before you go back home or start your travels, join us for an unforgettable, memory making, awesomely cool snow trip! If you’ve never seen snow before, this is your chance. And if you have seen snow, you”ll know this is the coolest trip all year! Don’t miss it!

C101SplashCourse 101 // A Street House // 11am – 12:30pm, Sundays
Have questions about God? Have questions about life? Sign up for Course 101 and find answers to all your questions.


Sunday Worship Service // 607 (picks ups at dorm locations) // 9am, Sundays
Are you looking for a church? IUSM attends Gracepoint Davis Church every Sunday. For those seeking a church community that is centered on the Bible, we welcome you to our church! Notice the change of service time to 9AM and location to 607 for this week only!

2014CollegeWinterRetreat_JWang-21-e1417563591552-1030x818College Winter Retreat // Redwood Alliance // Jan 17-19 
Come join us for our annual retreat where you can learn more about God and God’s purpose for your life, make new friends while playing fun games, and gain perspective for the upcoming new year! Don’t miss it! Sign up now!! Here’s a video of things to look forward to.


This past week, we combined with Koinonia and Kairos for an All College Christmas Bible Study. We started the night with an awesome meal. Then we sang some Christmas songs. During Bible Study, Pastor Will spoke about the greatest gift of all, the birth of baby Jesus to be the Savior of the world and more importantly how we all need to personally accept and receive this great gift from God. After Bible Study, we had the mother of all gift exchange, where there was hilarity, craziness, lots of gifts to choose from, and a lot of dancing. See you next week. Otherwise, see you next year!!


Thanksgiving Celebration RECAP

Hi everyone. This past Sunday we had our annual Thanksgiving Celebration. It was such a great day of being thankful for the many blessings in life, eating a yummy turkey dinner, and a lot of laughing. Check out the pics below (more to come).

Also here is our trailer for Thanksgiving Celebration


We had a really great night during Halloween. The food was “ribby” delicious! Then Pastor Will gave us a message about how the original sin was a trick that was caused by the Devil himself! He then gave us tips on how to fight against Satan’s tricks so that we can stay away from temptation. Afterwards we had a long night of tricks (most agile/stoic/determined/etc) and treats (desserts). Did I mention there was even a mini carnival – photo booths, dodgeball, laser tag, pumpkin carving, basketball, and the list goes on. Hope to see you at our next event!


IUSM Open House

This past week, at IUSM Open House, there were many memorable moments. This includes playing a game where we become to super heroes, sing praise songs for the first time this school year, and running around UC Davis as we compete in a scavenger hunt. And during Bible Study, John challenged us to free ourselves from the things we pursue and instead to seek Jesus and his gift that will truly fulfill us. If you missed the Open House, check out the pictures and videos below. See you next Friday!!


New Student Welcome Night

Wow! What a night! It was so great to meet so many new international students and exchange students during the welcome night. The welcome night started with a fun trivia game about UC Davis. Then John, the speaker for the night, gave a short talk about what is that most important thing to consider in life. After the talk, we played more games where there was a lot of excitement, laughter, and prizes! It was such a fun night. So many people did not want to leave. For those that couldn’t make it welcome night, come join us for our upcoming events!!


Nice banner


It looks like the letter ‘A’


Short talk with an important message


The short talk is not a lecture; there is also time for discussion too


The short talk was very thought provoking


I love asian food!


Dinner conversations were also very engaging


I know the answer!




Which team is going to be first to guess correctly?


Come join us next time!!

Also back by popular demand – the NSWN trailer!

What is IUSM?

We are a group of international undergraduate UC Davis students. We meet together every week to learn about Christianity and what the Bible has to say about life as a college student. We also hang out and have dinner together, celebrate birthdays, have fun events on the weekends, and even go out of Davis and explore nearby cities, national parks, and different yummy restaurants =) You don’t have to be a Christian to join us. All are welcomed. They say life is a journey. We say, find a group of friends to go through it together. See you at IUSM!